Blue Clown Tipsy Lamp

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Outer Space LED Projection Night Light

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A cool night light that puts a galactic
outer space scene on your ceiling.
This night light uses LEDs to project
an easy to see outer space image on
the ceiling and wall. The projected
outer space image shows the solar
system. The image has stars, the sun,
and the planets Mercury, Venus,
Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and
Neptune. Projects a 3 ft outer space
image on a 8 ft to 12 ft ceiling. The
projection is best seen in a
completely dark room. The projector is
sphere shaped and has a soft blue
glow when on. The projector can be
adjusted to change the size and
direction of the image. This night light
is energy efficient with a light sensor.
When the room is dark, the night light
will turn on and project the outer
space image. When the lights in the
room are on, the night light will turn
off. When off, the projector is teal.
This night light is 4" high and 3.5"
wide. Great for any bedroom.
The curious clown motif of the Tipsy
lamp casts a spell of smiles in your
room. When touched, this magical,
cone-shaped accent light wobbles
back and forth. This Tipsy lamp would
be great as a night light in nurseries.
The top of this Tipsy lamp has blue
moons and orange stars on a white
background. The bottom of this Tipsy
is blue with a clown face. The clown
face has black eyes, a yellow nose,
and a red smile. This Tipsy lamp uses
one 40 watt bulb (included). The Tipsy
lamp 10.5" high by 5" wide. A fun
night light for a baby's or child's room.
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Rainbow Peace LED Night Light

Add this retro 60s hippie nightlight to
your room. This nite light has a bright,
colorful disc with 60s imagery that
glows from a LED bulb. The night light
has a round acrylic disc with peace
signs, flowers, hearts, and stars on a
rainbow horizontal striped
background. When the night light is
on, the rainbow peace disc is
illuminated by a LED light bulb. This
night light has an automatic sensor
that will turn the night light on when
the room is dark. When the room is
bright, the night light will
automatically turn off. The night light
will not interfere with the second
outlet. The night light uses an
energy-efficient and long life LED bulb
(included and already installed).
Stays cool to the touch when on. The
rainbow peace LED night light is 4.25"
high and has a 3.25" diameter. A
groovy nightlight for a bedroom or
dorm room.
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