A cool night light that puts a galactic outer space
scene on your ceiling. This night light uses LEDs to
project an easy to see outer space image on the
ceiling and wall. The projected outer space image
shows the solar system. The image has stars, the sun,
and the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, and Neptune. Projects a 3 ft outer space
image on a 8 ft to 12 ft ceiling. The projection is best
seen in a completely dark room. The projector is
sphere shaped and has a soft blue glow when on. The
projector can be adjusted to change the size and
direction of the image. This night light is energy
efficient with a light sensor. When the room is dark,
the night light will turn on and project the outer space
image. When the lights in the room are on, the night
light will turn off. When off, the projector is teal. This
night light is 4" high and 3.5" wide. Great for any
The sphere shaped projector of the
night light of the when off.

Outer Space LED
Projection Night Light

The projector of the night light on
in the dark.
This picture shows
the night light
projecting the space
image on the ceiling
in a bedroom.
The outer space
scene the night
light projects.
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